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"It's just a charming property."
--Commissioner Carol Bonner

"It has the most beautiful and unique gardens I've seen in the city."
--Commissioner Nesa Ortega

"Staying in your charming cottage with the beautiful view really completed our anniversary celebration."
--David and Margarita Shroeder, Glendale, CA

"Our stay was wonderful and the Garden Cottage is AWESOME. Our 7th anniversary was something to remember with all the help of your Garden Cottage."
—Robert and Jacqueline Brue, Downey, CA

" We want to thank you for such a wonderful wedding cottaeg. The accommodations and atmosphere we enjoyed at the garden cottage were memorable. We look forward to staynig here again, and highly recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys comfort, beauty, and solitude."
—Russ and Ivana Harrama, Laguna Niguel, CA

"The beautiful gardens, the comfy bed, and veranda-WOW!! So lovely, thanks for having us and introducing us to the wonders of San Clemente"
—Joel Rubin, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much for sharing your little paradise with us, we loved every minute"
—Les and Alma Jones, Houston, TX

"Thank you so much for everything. You've made our wedding dreams come true. It was better than we could imagine. Your Garden Cottage was divine and we enjoyed our stay here. You made such a wonderful memory for us from the moment we stepped into the candle-lit garden"
—Andy and Janey Troxel, Cerritos, CA

"Thank you for a wonderful, memorable stay at the Garden Cottage. It has made another anniversary celebration memorable. The lush, beautiful garden which the balcony overlooks, is not to be exceeded by the quaint, cozy decor inside the cottage. Such detail went into everything. The champagne breakfast was most delicious and the service impeccable"
—Chris and Mark Palas, San Clemente, CA

"Thank you for sharing your magical gardens and cottage with us. You were gracious and caring to our every need and comfort. Your gardens gave us a peaceful relaxation of truly whimsical quality. We enjoyed this unique experience and hope to see you in the near future."
—Jim and Maria Evans, Friendswood, TX

"Our visit to the cottage has been very relaxing and welcoming. it had been a long time since we have felt totally at peace without a worry in our minds. Your design and garden implements are very appealing and simply generates a feeling of an old-fashioned home or a visit to mom. Thanks for allowing us to share the views, smells, and silence of this special hideaway."
Daniel and Lorelie Prall, Garden Grove, California

"We would like to thank you both for such a wonderful, relaxing experience on our first anniversary celebration. My mom told me how relaxing and 'cozy' this place was, but it did not sink in until we opened the gate to the garden. All of our troubles floated away with the ocean breeze through the upstairs patio. Your hospitality was very appreciated and we have already discussed making this a yearly visit. Thank you again for everything."
Josh and Sonya Fisher , Las Vegas, Nevada

"Thank you for your warm, sunny California hospitality. The Garden Cottage is the perfect place to be. A paradise of peace and rest. I wish we could share this experience with all our friends and family. Congratulations on being the perfect hosts."
—Jay and Margo Pyles, Locust Grove, VA

"Thanks so much for your wonderful hospitality. Staying here was a joy and we will definitely be returning soon."
—Jordan E. Rockwell, Los Angeles, CA

"We have enjoyed our visit to your lovely garden cottage. The garden and the cottage reflect the type of people you both are. When you walk through the gate, you are enveloped... like a big hug... the welcoming smile of color... the sweet smell... we gave a sigh every time we came home. Our every desire was prepared for in the cottage. Thank you for you generous hospitality."
—Donna and Lowell Smoker, Suwanee, GA

"Thanks for the best three days of the year! Everything was perfect. We especially like bundling up in the morning on the balcony with our coffee in hand and a good book. Felt like we owned the place."
—Chris and Michal George, Brooklyn, NY

"My wife set my expectation very high before I even arrived, but the garden cottage inn far exceeded my expectation. The cottage was excellent, the amenities and the environment were fantastic and the fresh flowers almost everyday were awesome. We will certainly recommend it to others as well as return ourselves."
—Mike and Michelle Hedge, Elkhorn, Nebraska

"We can not thank you enough for sharing your gorgeous cottage and garden with us. Thank you for allowing us to have our wonderful wedding in your garden. it was the perfect spot and made our memorable day even more perfect. You will forever have our appreciation. See you on our first anniversary."
—Robert and Alberta Fujihara, , Fountain Valley, California

"...It has been wonderful to be able to escape in your paradise garden, to breath fresh sea air and receive such hospitality, truly a treasure!"
—Matthew & Rita Hudson, Dorset, England

"The warm and kind reception of us by you could only be exceeded by the beauty of your skillfully manicured and fragrant English gardens, as well as the properly selected interior designs of this lovely cottage. I won't hesitate to reccommend this place to my friends."
—Dr Akbar, Gross Isle, MI

   In the Press
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A Garden for Everyone: Excerpt from September 2009 issue of Romantic Homes
During one particular drive on a road that can be mistaken for anywhere in suburban America... as you draw nearer, a golf course comes into view, the ting of golf balls lulling you into a meditative state. Opening the back gate to enter the home, and an oh wow moment happens.

Throughout the property there are inviting places to sit and gather. Music is playing outdoors and a beverage cart encourages lingering.

Bill and Sandra Jensen honor the details of their yard, which include exotic flowers, fruit trees and tile.

  It’s easy to see how a stay at the Jensens’ bed and breakfast would lift one’s spirit. The small cottage… is postcard perfect, awash in natural light and decorated in a Shabby Chic style that would make Rachel Ashwell proud.”
—Orange Coast Magazine
  “Majestic gardens and lush topiaries and
personalized hospitality await you at the Garden Cottage at the Green Bed & Breakfast in San Clemente, Califorinia. A relaxing, secluded and romanatic hieaway tucked inside a truly magnificent garden display, this Bed and Breakfast is a perfect place to pamper yourself.”
—Treasures of Southern California
  "Bill Jensen walks through the garden every day with clippers, snipping the blooms and foliage that surround his San Clemente home. Unlike bed-and-breakfast inns where rented rooms are located in one main house, the Jensens' guests feel secluded in the colorful, garden-theme cottage.

"People come here and they feel at home," said Sandra.

Thoughtful amenities include pocket doors to separate the bedroom from the sitting area, a closet shelf designed for luggage and a balcony to take advantage of the garden setting below and the view of the distant ocean beyond.

Garden Tour  
In 2007, our gardens were featured on the Mary Lou Hurd Memorial Garden Tour.

In 2005, our gardens were viewed by the members of the Villa Park Garden Club.

The gardens of The Garden Cottage at the Green Bed and Breakfast were featured on the San Clemente Garden Club tour and the Saddleback Rose Society Garden Tour in 2003.

In 2004 these gardens were included on the American Asssociation of University Women (AAUW) Annual Home Garden Tour.